Posted on October 9, 2014
Using LATEX with Hakyll

Using LATEX with Hakyll

Takayuki Muranushi

This HTML is generated from LATEX source via latex2html and then embedded into Hakyll-hosted blog. The use of LaTeX will allow us the use of complex expressions e.g.

$\displaystyle \frac{\partial{\vec v}}{\partial t}$ $\textstyle =$ $\displaystyle \vec \nabla s$ (1)

This attempt seems to basically working although there are few glitches (like the duplicated title you can see.) Fixing these should be some cumbersome script work but should not be too hard.

I am further trying to use this technology in combination with Haskell DSLs such as authoring and units [1] , to write physical discussions in Haskell and LaTeX.


T. Muranushi and R. A. Eisenberg.
Experience report: Type-checking polymorphic units for astrophysics research in haskell.
In 2014 ACM SIGPLAN Symposium on Haskell. ACM, 2014.

The content of this page is also availabe as a pdf document: Using LATEX with Hakyll./post.pdf.

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Using LATEX with Hakyll

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