Stellar Cluster

Posted on October 8, 2014 by Takayuki Muranushi

Stellar cluster are gravitationally-bound group of stars.

Open Cluster

Open clusters are formed out of molecular cloud. Each open cluster consists of stars that are born from the same molecular cloud.

Open clusters are only found near galactic equatorial planes. Recent observations such as those by Pfalzner (2009), (2011)

Item Age Mass
Traditional Open cluster 10Myr 10Msun
Embedded cluster 10Myr 10Msun
Young massive cluster 10Myr 10Msun
Leaky cluster 10Myr 10Msun

Globular Cluster

Globular clusters are formed in the process of galaxy formation. In other words, globular clusters are smaller siblings of galaxies.

Globular clusters have spherically symmetric distribution about galactic gravitational center.