Global N-body Simulation of Planetary System Formation

Posted on October 1, 2014 by Takayuki Muranushi

Today I’ve learnt from On today’s seminar that the global simulation of planet system formation is yet to be done. The planet formation path differs, in different regions of protoplanetary system. The different regions include rocky-planets region, gas giants region and icy-planets region. They have different evolution path. The formation of these planets may interact with others. For example, rapid growth of gas giants may purturb planetesimal orbits. This will affect growth of rocky planets, or how much comets enter rocky planet regions. That, would determine how much water we have on Earth.

The recent advance on integration scheme Nitadori+ 2006 as well as on hadware are making such dare simulations near possible.

By the way I have also heard that Aarseth spent 3 years, continuing one simulations. The machine was switched over 3 generations. Amazing and resilient feat it is.